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Sheer Fitness Classes Castlebar Co Mayo

Class Terms & Conditions / Indemnity Form

By ticking the box, at the time of purchase, I agree to the terms and conditions outlined below:

It is my responsibility prior to commencing any class:

  • To notify the class instructor if I suffer from any illness. medical condition or issue particularly any of the following: Heart Condition, High Blood Pressure, Respiratory Diseases, Back/Joint/Muscle Disorder, Incidents of Blackouts or Fainting and Diabetes.
  • To notify the class instructor if I am pregnant or have been pregnant within the last three months.
  • To seek medical advice from my GP if I have any concerns about my health and my ability to part-take in an exercise class.

It is my responsibility to seek medical advice in the event I become unwell during or after completing a class.


I do hereby assume full responsibility for any and all damages, injuries, or losses that I may sustain or incur, if any, while attending or participating this exercise program. I hereby waive all claims against Sheer Fitness, its instructors, of said program, individually or otherwise, for any and all claims for injuries or damages that I might sustain.

I understand that there is risk of injury associated with participating in any exercise, program and I certify that I am in good physical condition and have no known disabilities that might otherwise be detrimental to my health or well-being. I certify that all of the information provided on this application is correct and true

Thank you. It's Your Time, to get fit, to have fun & to reach new goals!

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